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Various 3.75" - 4" action figure lines and appropriately-scaled vehicles/playsets.

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Captain Power figure Corporal Pilot Chase MOC

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VIN18-363-39  $14.99  

Marauder Gun-Runners weapons lot (R)

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VIN18-363-38  $19.99  

Marauder Gun-Runners weapons lot (D)

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VIN18-363-37  $24.99  

Chap-Mei Soldier Force military Helicopter

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VIN18-363-36  $11.99  

Chap-Mei jungle creatures set with gorilla and others

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VIN18-363-35  $11.99  

Chap-Mei jet-powered ninja sled

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VIN18-363-34  $4.99  

Chap-Mei camping set w/ canoe and accessories

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VIN18-363-33  $11.99  

Chap-Mei Police Helicopter

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VIN18-363-32  $11.99  

Chap-Mei A.T.V. vehicle

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VIN18-363-31  $11.99  

Power Team Elite U.S. Navy SEAL Patrol Boat

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VIN18-363-30  $17.99  

Soldier Force Coast Guard Patrol Boat by Chap-Mei

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VIN18-363-28  $29.99  

Buddy L 1:18 scale military helicopter

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VIN18-363-26  $34.99  
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