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SMALLJOES.COM, LLC is a registered business entity in the state of Missouri. Hereinafter, the terms "we", "us", and "customer service" refer to SMALLJOES.COM, LLC.

We provide an online (internet-based) retail storefront for the sale of GI JOE 3 3/4" and other collectibles for adults.

Our contact information:

223 Salt Lick Rd. Ste 407
St. Peters, MO 63376
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  Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my order ship?
Q: How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Generally, orders will be shipped within two (2) business days of receipt of confirmed payment. Under unusual circumstances or certain periods of high demand for new product listings there might be several additional days of delay. Personal checks payments will delay your shipment well beyond this window. For more information refer to our Shipping Policy.

Please note that the delivery time specified for the the shipping method you selected is an estimate only, not a guarantee (unless otherwise specified in the shipping method description). Shipping method delivery time estimates are for transit time - meaning from the day we tender the parcel to the carrier to the day it arrives at your door.

Q: Is item xxxxx in stock?

A: If there is an order button next to the item that means it is in stock and available for shipment. If the product is out of stock the words "OUT OF STOCK" will appear next to the product. Pre-order items will be accompanied by an estimated availability date.

Q: What does the order status "Processing" mean?

This means that your order has been received and is pending shipment. There is not a problem with your order. We will contact you if we encounter any problem with your order which prevents us from shipping it.

Q: Can I add, change, or delete something on my current order?
Q: Can I combine two or more orders to save on shipping?
Q: Can I change the shipping method I originally selected for my order?

Yes. Contact us through the customer service form. We will make the requested changes and send out an updated order confirmation.

Q: How much will it cost to ship item xxxxx?

Shipping prices vary widely depending on the size/weight of particular merchandise as well as shipping destination. Therefore, it is difficult for customer service to provide shipping estimates. As such, we do not provide shipping estimates via e-mail. Please use the following procedure to get an accurate shipping estimate on any item(s) you are considering buying.

  • Put the item(s) you are interested in into your shopping cart.
  • Click the link entitled (click here to get a shipping estimate for your cart contents)
  • If you already have an account with us, login to your account to get your estimate.
  • You do not have to open an account to get an estimate. Just enter a few simple pieces of information about where you live.

Q: Do you sell to international (non-U.S.) customers?

Yes. If you live outside of the U.S., please read the International Information section for detailed information on ordering, payment methods, shipping methods, etc.

Q: Can you mail me a catalog?

No. Our web site is our catalog. We do not print and mail catalogs. Marketing our product from the web site allows us to keep costs down and pass that savings on to you.

Q: Do you accept orders by phone?

At this time we do not. We can keep overhead low and therefore offer you the most competitive pricing when we use the strength of internet technology to provide services directly to you.

Q: Do you buy GI JOE collections?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

  Placing An Order

To place and order select the button next to the item you are interested in. The item will be placed into your virtual shopping cart where you may review pricing and quantity. From the shopping cart screen you may also request a shipping and handling estimate.

Note that the shopping cart requires that your browser have cookies enabled!   If you have cookies disabled, or have a program that blocks cookies, you will not be able to shop our site.  Please see the Privacy section for a statement regarding our use of cookies.

When you are done shopping select the button from the shopping cart screen.

  Reviewing Current and Past Orders, Your Account Profile, etc.

Select the My Account icon in the navigation bar at the top, right hand side of the page. From here you may view your account profile along with current and past orders. You may also change your password, email address, contact settings, and more.

  General Order Policy

We cannot accept orders from minors under the age of 13. If you are under the age of 13 a parent or legal guardian must place an order on your behalf. Their name/address must be provided for the billing information.

All products advertised for sale on this web site contain small parts that may present a choking hazard and therefore are not appropriate for children under the age of 8 years old.

We may, occasionally, limit quantities of certain products to ensure that all collectors get a reasonably fair chance to order the product we offer.

We are required by the state of Missouri to collect retail sales tax for all orders that ship to a Missouri, USA address.

  Preorder Policy

From time to time we may offer product for preorder (advance sale). When you place a preorder you are agreeing to buy the product with shipment occuring at a future date. Our web site and order confirmations will provide you with the estimated shipping dates for preorder merchandise. These dates are subject to change and such changes are not unusual due to manufacturer rescheduling, late deliveries, etc.

Preorders placed together with in-stock merchandise will not ship until all preorder merchandise arrives. The in-stock portion of your order will be held for you until the order ships. However, we will not split orders into multiple shipments. If you require immediate shipment of in-stock merchandise you must order that merchandise separately.

Preorders will not be billed to you until the merchandise ships. For preorders paid by methods other than credit card we require that you remit payment at the time the order is placed.

We will make every effort to ensure that we fill every preorder that is accepted. However, due to circumstances beyond our control we may on occasion not be able to fill all preorders. Some examples of situations where this might occur include but are not limited to: manufacturer canceling or substantially altering the product, extreme delays in product development, manufacturer not filling our order completely (allocating), and loss or damage of product during transit to us.

We use pre-order listings to gauge customer interest in upcoming products. Customers who place and routinely cancel pre-orders may disrupt our order allocations with vendors. Excessive cancellations of pre-orders may result in the pre-order ability being disabled for customer account. When unsure, please wait until the product arrives in stock.

  Reward Points Program

We offer a customer loyalty program which allows you to earn 2% of the merchandise total for each order in "rewards points". When you have earned at least 10 rewards points, you may use some or all of them as a dollar-equivalent toward a new order. To learn more about the program and to enroll, log into your account, scroll down to the Rewards Program section, then click the button.

  Information for International Customers

We welcome international customers! We have years of experience in shipping packages internationally. Also, we have gone to great lengths to establish fair, low-cost international shipping prices that accurately reflect the size and weight of your order.

The ordering process is the same for international and domestic customers.  Payment terms differ slightly, please see Payment Policies below. See Shipping Policies for information on how we will ship an international order.

If you are an international customer expecting to have your merchandise shipped to an address in the U.S. you still need to provide your correct home address and country in the billing contact portion of your address. Failure to do so will be construed as fraudulent misrepresentation and you may be forbidden from doing business with us.

Additional notes regarding international shipments:

  • Please note that, due to size restrictions on packages, we may not be able to ship multiple large items to certain countries unless those items are ordered separately. If you are an international customer considering the purchase of two or more very large items please contact us for special ordering instructions. We reserve the right to re-quote shipping & handling charges for large orders.
  • At our discretion, we may elect not to send high-value and/or physically large shipments internationally unless they are paid for in advance with guaranteed funds (U.S. cash, international money order, or money transfer/wire).
  • We reserve the right to request additional identification information before processing any order. If we require this information we will contact you with additional details. If you do not provide the requested information your order will be cancelled and your account closed.
  Payment Policy

All domestic (US) orders must be paid for no later than 15 days from the date the order was placed or the order will be cancelled. International orders will be provided with additional time depending on the payment method used.

Individuals who routinely place orders then do not pay for them are subject to having their account suspended indefinitely.

Payment for orders may be made in several different ways. Payment method is selected during the checkout process. Discussed below are the different types of payments we accept and specific policies regarding each.

Credit Card

This is the recommended method for paying for an order, and will achieve the best turnaround time for shipment.

We reserve the right to make additional inquiries or to hold shipment of an order if billing address or telephone number provided do not match what is on file with the credit card issuer, or for international cards.


At this time we are accepting PayPal payments. To use this payment method - place your order, select the "Other" payment method, then reply to your order confirmation requesting a PayPal invoice.

We reserve the right to refuse PayPal payments from any accounts that are not confirmed and verified through PayPal's security mechanisms, or for any PayPal payment to which PayPal does extend their Seller Protection Policy.

Money Order

We can accept money orders when they are made out in US$ and drawn on a US bank. Many international postal money orders meet this criteria making the money order an inexpensive way to pay for an international order.

We will not ship the order until we have received the money order in the mail.

Making payment by money order can delay shipment of your order for an additional 3-7 days (3-6 weeks for non-U.S./Canada customers).

International customers can purchase international money orders in US$ at many locations including major banks in your home country, as well as large international banking organizations such as Western Union or Citibank.

Personal Check

We can accept personal checks when they are written in US$ and drawn on a US bank.

We will not ship the order until we have received the check in the mail. Further, we reserve the right to hold shipment of an order until that check clears our bank.

Making payment by personal check can delay shipment of your order for an additional 6-12 business days.

Bad check writers will have their account charged a service fee of $25 per incident. We will submit bad checks multiple times to obtain payment. Note that this can incur service charges with your bank as high as $25 per incident if funds are not available when the check is presented for payment. Clearly, writing bad checks is an expensive (not to mention illegal) proposition and is strongly discouraged.

Wire Transfers

We will accept MoneyGram money transfers if your order exceeds $75 in value. There are local MoneyGram (or affiliate locations) in most countries throughout the world. Please note: we do not accept Western Union.  Visit the afore-linked web site to find a branch near you or to conveniently send money online.

  Shipping Policy

All orders will be shipped within two (2) business days of receipt of confirmed payment. Under unusual circumstances or certain periods of high demand for new product listings there might be several additional days of delay. Personal check payments will delay your shipment well beyond this window. See details about these payment methods for more information.

You will always receive an automated email status update when your order ships.

We charge the current carrier rates for domestic and international shipments with a small additional charge to cover packaging costs (boxes, envelopes, packing material, etc.) Shipping charges are based on the size/weight of your order, not on the amount of your order.

Orders will be offered any of several different shipping methods depending on size, weight, and destination.

We will not be held responsible for uninsured domestic shipments that are lost or damaged. For smaller orders, insurance is an optional service at a small additional charge. For larger orders, insurance is mandatory and will be included in the shipping and handling charge. If you were not asked about insurance during checkout, insurance was already included with your order.

For damage or loss claims on insured shipments, either we or the carrier may require you to cooperate in making a claim with respect to the problem. For shipments damaged in transit, the damaged parcel + all items and packaging material must be presented to the carrier for inspection and filing of claim. For shipments lost in transit, we will need your statement in writing that the shipment was not received by you. Failure to cooperate with customer service in making an insurance claim for an insured shipment will immediately void insurance coverage of the shipment and result in closure of your account.

Some of our international customers choose to have their merchandise shipped to a freight consolidator here in the US. You may find this to be a less expensive shipping alternative. Note, however, that our responsibility (including insurance responsibility) for your shipment ends when your package is delivered to the freight consolidator.

A note regarding third-party recipients: if your delivery is being shipped to a location other than your place of residence, i.e. an office, college dormitory, friend's house, freight consolidator, etc. - we will not under any circumstances be responsible for loss, damage, or missing items from your order. At our discretion, we may elect not to ship high-value credit card orders to any address other than the billing address associated with the credit card.

Parcels returned due to customer's failure to provide a correct/valid shipping address will be assessed a handling and re-shipment charge. To avoid misunderstandings and disappointment, read the detailed description for each shipping service we offer. Order cancellations resulting from this situation will be assessed a restocking fee, and shipping charges will not be refunded.

  Return Policy

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If for some reason you are not satisfied, you may return the unopened item(s) within ten (10) days of the receipt of merchandise. Returns for refund will be accessed a 15% restocking fee and no shipping charges will be refunded.

Parcels returned due to customer's failure to provide a correct/valid shipping address will be assessed a handling and re-shipment charge. To avoid misunderstandings and disappointment, read the detailed description for each shipping service we offer. Order cancellations resulting from this situation will be assessed a restocking fee, and shipping charges will not be refunded.

Opened merchandise requires special return authorization. You must contact customer service and provide a reasonable explanation for why you wish to return an item that has been opened, assembled, or played with. If you have a problem with opened merchandise, you must contact us within ten (10) days from the date of receipt to discuss it.

A return merchandise authorization (RMA) must be obtained from customer service before returning merchandise. Items returned without an RMA will be refused (return to sender).

When we provide a RMA we will also provide shipping instructions for returning the merchandise. Failure to follow these instructions may result in refusal (return to sender) of your return merchandise shipment.

We reserve the following additional rights with respect to our return policy:

  1. We reserve the right to refuse frivolous returns. Customers abusing our return policy may have their accounts closed.
  2. We will not accept returns for item(s) damaged in shipping unless insurance was attached to the order. (See also shipping policies.)
  3. For defective/damaged/missing parts problems, we reserve the option to repair, replace, direct customer to the product manufacturer for remedy, or provide refund for the item(s) in question at our discretion.
  4. We will refuse returns on item(s) that we believe were purchased for the purposes of resale, "scalping", price speculation, etc.

Some additional comments about 1/18 scale (4" tall) contemporary action figures that we offer:

In rare cases an articulation joint of a new 1:18 scale action figure may appear to be “stuck”. If there is an attempt to force the articulation of this joint it will probably break. To prevent this situation occuring, the joint can be freed and returned to normal working order by dipping it into hot tap water for a few minutes, or by briefly applying warm air from a hair dryer.

Be advised that we are unable to provide exchanges in cases of return policy inquiries regarding this situation.

  Privacy Policy

We take your privacy and security very seriously. We will never make your personal information available to any non-affiliated third party for any reason. Our secure server provides a safe, encrypted channel for passing sensitive information such as credit card numbers. We encrypt all stored sensitive information so that it cannot fall into the wrong hands during or after an order is placed.

From time to time we will send out email informing our customers of promotions, sales, or new products. If you prefer not to receive such email you may make this election in the Customer Account Maintenance area.

We use cookies to automate the shopping cart and checkout process.  We do not use cookies to obtain any personal information, track your viewing habits, or any other activity which many people (including us) consider to be a violation of privacy.

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